Does Smart Tags delete/remove my existing tags? Would it mess with my store tags?

Smart Tags by design does not delete tags that were not created by the app, it will retain tags that were created manually or by other 3rd-party app, in order not to interfere/clash with other installed apps / disrupt your existing workflow.

It does remove tags if the rules that had created that tags no longer apply to the product or the tag labels to be created for the rule has changed. For e.g if the store has a rule to tag on-sale products (ie its price is lower that its compare price), and if the product is no longer on-sale, Smart Tags will automatically remove the tags.

Smart Tags will also remove tags if the rule is disabled. For e.g if a rule was enabled to tag products with its Size variant values. If it was subsequently disabled, Smart Tags will remove those tags that had been created by the app as the result of that previously enabled rule. Re-enabling the rule will re-apply the tags to the products.

This also means that Smart Tags won't be able to automatically remove/update tags that was not created by Smart Tags itself.

To have Smart Tags automatically manage those tags for you, remove them from your products first. Get in touch with us if you need to remove existing tags in bulk, our team would provide you with a solution.