Why you need Smart Tags for your Shopify store

Enhance your Shopify shop collections with Smart Tags

Have you ever used Shopify's  automated collections and wished that you had more control over which products get included automatically?

Here's an example of how Smart Tags can help you do something that Shopify can't by itself:

  1. Automatically tag product as "On Sale" if it's sale price is lower than its compare price.
  2. You can then create an automated collection that includes products that are tagged with "On Sale".
  3. Now you have a collection for products that's on sale! And it will be updated automatically when you updateprices, without needing to manually tag/untag products.

The possibilities are endless!

Better tags to enhance your shop filter menu

Do you use a theme that allows your shoppers to filter products by tags? Do you find yourself spending too much time manually tagging products?

Then Smart Tags would be perfect for you!

Smart Tags allows you to create tags for types, vendors, prices and even variant options.

Smart Tags even can automatically untag a product if it falls below a minimum value. You can now allow shoppers to filter Dresses in Size M, but only shown if it is in-stock.

Smart Tags is an invaluable addition to your business.

Improve your back-shop workflow with better tags

Improve how you manage your Shopify store with better tags for your products, orders and customers!

Create Smart Tags to monitor stock levels of your products, even with products that have different low-stock thresholds!

Use Smart Tags to tag your orders with requires your attention such as orders with low stock, orders from a certain region, or orders that contains certain products.

You can also create complex rules to tag customers based on their previous orders, allowing you to tag customers that had ordered particular products so that you can perform re-marketing and reach out to your customers more effectively.