Preset Rules: Product Vendor

Product Vendor allows you to automatically tag your products in your Shopify store based on each product vendor.

If the product gets updated and the product vendor was changed, the tag will be updated to the new product vendor.

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Edit and enable Product Vendor preset

  1. Select Presets tab in the Smart Tag Rules table
  2. For Product Vendor preset rule, click Edit
  3. Fill in the options available.
    Note: See Product Vendor Options to learn about the options available.
  4. Check Enable rule checkbox to enable the rule
  5. Remember to click Save to keep changes or Cancel to discard changes

Product Vendor options

The following table shows the options available for Product Vendor:

Option Description Default Required?
Filter Enable filter to only apply rule to selected products

Learn more about the filter option.
Disabled No
Prefix Prepend each tag with the prefix.
Leave blank if you don't want the tag to be prefixed with anything.

Learn more about the prefix option.
Empty No


Tag product based on its product vendor

Enable Product Vendor preset rule and your products will be automatically be tagged. It does not get any much easier than that!

The following table shows some examples of product vendors and the result tag.

Product Vendor Tag
Zara Zara
American Eagle American Eagle

Prepend tag with a prefix

Prepending the tag with a prefix helps with organizing the tags in your Shopify store.

Using it lets you know the type of tag, differentiating it from other tags that the product has.

Edit and enable Product Vendor preset rule and set the Prefix option.

The following table shows some examples of product vendors and the result tag thats prepended with the prefix value "vendor-".

Prefix Product Vendor Tag
vendor- ACME vendor-ACME
vendor- Zara vendor-Zara
vendor- American Eagle vendor-American Eagle