Preset Rules: On Sale Products

On Sale Products allows you to automatically tag your products in your Shopify store that is on sale (i.e. its price is lower than its compare price).

If any of the product’s variants are on-sale, the product will be tagged with the specified tag label.

If the product gets updated and the product is no longer on-sale (i.e none its variant is on-sale), the tag will be removed.

In this article

Edit and enable On Sale Products preset

  1. Select Presets tab in the Smart Tag Rules table
  2. For On Sale preset rule, click Edit
  3. Fill in the options available
    Note: See On Sale Products options to learn about the options available.
  4. Remember to click Save to keep changes or Cancel to discard changes.

On Sale Products options

The following table shows the options available for On Sale Products:

Option Description Default Required?
Tag Tag label to apply to product if its price is lower its compare price (i.e. is on sale) On Sale Yes
Filter Enable filter to only apply rule to selected products

Learn more about the filter option.
Disabled No

Example uses

Tag product if it is on sale

  1. Enable and edit On Sale Products preset
  2. Set Tag value to the label that you want to be applied. In this case, we set it to "on-sale".
  3. Click Save to keep changes.

The following table shows some examples of product prices and the result tag.

Product Price Compare Price Tag
$15 not set -
$10 $15 on-sale
not set $15 -
$15 $15 -
$15 $10 -