Products: Automatically tag newly-created products

With Smart Tags'  Custom Product Rule, you can use a product's Created At date field to automatically tag it with 'new-arrival' tag label if the product was created within a specified range, for example 90 days ago. If the product's Created At date is no longer within the specified range, the tag will automatically be removed the next time Smart Tags process it.

You can modify the following steps to fit your business needs by changing the specified date range or by using Published At date field instead, for example.

  1. Click Add new rule > Custom Product Rule...
  2. Specify a name and description to identify the rule later. This step is optional but helps with managing your Smart Tags rules.

    Name: Newly-created products

    Description: Tag products that was recently created within the last 90 days

  3. Specify the following rule definition:

    For ALL products,
    If product matches ANY of the following conditions:

    Condition #1
    Product Field: Created At field
    Operator: is after or on
    Value: following relative date > 90 days ago

  4. Specify the tag labels that you want to be applied if the product matches the above rule, for e.g: "new-arrivals"
  5. Check Enable Rule
  6. Make use of the preview on the right sidebar to ensure that the tag gets applied as expected.
  7. Click Save

If have further questions about getting the above example to work with your business needs, do drop us a message any time.