How does Smart Tags work?

The power of Smart Tags comes from the ability to enable you to create complex tagging rules to fit your business needs. 

Smart Tags will then use these rules to decide if a product, order, or customer in your store should be tagged or have the tag previously added by Smart Tags to be removed or updated.

Smart Tags automatically runs a scheduled background job for your Shopify store at specified intervals to keep your tags updated.

What does the background job do?

The background job retrieves all products, order and customers from your store. It will then process each item with all the active Smart Tags rules that you have created, after which the tags will be added / removed / updated depending on theserules.

How often does the background job runs to keeps my tags updated?

By default, the background job runs every 6 hours. The schedule interval can be changed by going to Smart Tags > Settings > Auto-schedule > Schedule Interval.

Do I have to wait for the background job to start?

You can choose to just set-it-and-forget-it and let Smart Tags runs the background job automatically, or you can choose to run the background job manually to get your tags updated with the latest rules that you have created, by clicking on Process and tag store button on your Smart Tags dashboard.

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