Customers: Automatically tag customers that had registered/enabled an account

You can use Custom Customer Rule to tag customers based on any customer fields.

The field that you’d be interested in would be State field

The possible values for the State field are:

  • disabled: The customer doesn't have an active account. Customer acounts can be disabled from the Shopify admin at any time.
  • invited: The customer has received an emailed invite to create an account.
  • enabled: The customer has created an account.
  • declined: The customer declined the email invite to create an account.

Here’s how you’d create a Customer Rule to tag customers with “Registered” if their account state is enabled.

If in the future they disabled their account, the tag will be removed.

  1. Click Add new rule > Custom Customer Rule...
  2. Specify a name and description to identify the rule later. This step is optional but helps with managing your Smart Tags rules.

    Name: Registered Customer

    Description: Tag customers with "Registered" if they have registered enabled their account

  3. Specify the following rule definition:

    For ALL customers,
    If customer matches ANY of the following conditions:

    Condition #1
    Customer Field: State field
    Operator: is equal to 
    Value: following value> "-90" days  

  4. Specify the tag labels that you want to be applied if the customer matches the above rule, for e.g: “Registered"
  5. Check Enable Rule
  6. Make use of the preview on the right sidebar to ensure that the tag gets applied as expected.
  7. Click Save

If have further questions about getting the above example to work with your business needs, do drop us a message any time.